Bond issue and mill levy are worthy |

Bond issue and mill levy are worthy

John Humphreys Breckenridge

Yes, mistakes are made everyday, and money is wasted at every level of government. We all know that, but not to continue to support existing programs and critical teacher levels and programs within the Summit School District is not the way to attack this issue. Many of the programs that would be eliminated if the school district election issues are not passed Nov. 2 are in existence today and critical to the educational needs of our children. Continuing to support these programs is the best thing we can do for our community in the long run.Investment in our children and our schools is a dollar well spent. I also think it is particularly important to support the new vocational-technical education wing being proposed at Summit High School.The proposed facility and programs have been needed for years, and only now under the new board are being given consideration. There should be just as many educational opportunities for the kids who want to become plumbers, electricians and welders as offered to those who want to become lawyers, accountants and yes, even planners. Who you going to call when your sink backs up? A lawyer or a plumber? I no longer have children in the school district, but for my money, which isn’t much, I support both the bond issue and the mill levy and would urge others to do the same. We shouldn’t take away existing critical school programs, and we shouldn’t take away the possibility for those kids who want to learn a trade to have that opportunity. The cost per household associated with both election issues is minimal, about $10 a month, the cost of a couple of double lattes, which is certainly a fair price to pay for continuing to provide the best possible education we can.I the cost is actually less than what we currently pay. I don’t mind saving money while at the same time supporting our schools in a manner that gives your children and your neighbor’s children (not mine any more) every opportunity to succeed.

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