Bondsman: Springs confrontation caught on tape |

Bondsman: Springs confrontation caught on tape


COLORADO SPRINGS A bail bondsman says cameras were rolling during his pursuit with bounty hunter Duane Dog Chapman of a bail jumper who they say fired a gun at them in Colorado Springs.Chapman and Bobby Brown of Colorado Springs told police they were uninjured and caught their man hours later.You prepare for the worst, but when it happens, theres just no preparation, said Brown, a longtime Chapman friend and owner of Bobby Brown Bail Bonds.The pair and their entourage were looking for Hoang Nguyen, one of Browns clients, as part of A&Es Dog the Bounty Hunter reality TV show.Nguyen, 35, is accused of missing a court date Feb. 9 in Colorado Springs on a domestic violence charge and skipping out on the $12,000 bond Brown had paid on his behalf.After searching for leads all day Tuesday, the crew received a tip that Nguyen was at his new apartment in east Colorado Springs, Brown said.They arrived and found him in the parking lot. Nguyen spotted them and turned and fired a single shot from a handgun, then fled on a motorcycle, Brown said.Chapman and some of the other bounty hunters on the crew returned fire with guns that shoot pepper spray pellets, Brown said.The cameras were rolling and recorded 99.999 percent of the incident, he said.We were blessed because the Colorado Springs Police Department showed up with a great deal of force, Brown said. They really helped with crowd control and taking reports and getting the whole situation under control.The crew caught up with Nguyen again at 1:30 a.m. Wednesday in an alley near the apartment and apprehended him after another chase, Brown said.Colorado Springs police found no shell casings or bullet holes but are pursuing attempted murder charges based on witness accounts, Lt. David Whitlock said.Nguyen, who is being held on a $25,000 bond, was advised of the pending charges in court Wednesday. His next court appearance is set for April 30.Brown said Chapman and his crew will be filming in Colorado Springs for the next several weeks. He didnt know when an episode based on Wednesdays confrontation would air.Information from: The Gazette,