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Books: How to market yourself on Facebook

Kimberly Nicolettisummit daily news

What started as a true social network for college students has “matured” into a marketing tool, for better or worse. These days, the fastest growing segment of Facebook users is women 55-65 years old. And plenty of businesses are jumping on the Facebook bandwagon; it’s almost to the point that if your company doesn’t have a Facebook page, it’s not up to speed.You’ve probably heard that if Facebook were a nation, it’d be the third largest in the world, behind China and India. Half of the more than 500 million active users log in every day, which is why companies are now embracing the site to sell.”The Facebook Marketing Book” is a 272-page handbook, which helps readers navigate the business side of the social networking site.However, the book seems a little incongruent in that it begins with an introduction to social networking on Facebook, including setting up a basic profile. In that sense, it’s a starter kit, like a Facebook guide for first-time users. It spends plenty of time pointing out the difference between a page and a profile, types of pages, page optimizations and more. It also explains when groups are good to set up. But then it gets into complex applications and customizations without detailing exactly how to do them; this part of the book speaks to much more technically sophisticated readers, making the book go from “dummy” to fancy-smarty pants.The last third or so of the book is more helpful, dedicating itself to Facebook page management strategies, such as offering exclusive deals, targeting certain demographics and using specific words and parts of speech.Another not-so-user-friendly element of the book is the reprinted screen shots, which illustrate a point, but at times, the font is so tiny, it’s unreadable. When it is readable it’s questionable how helpful it is.Overall, the book is definitely worth the time and money it takes to read, but it does have its flaws.