Boot Gordon: A new plan, a new party |

Boot Gordon: A new plan, a new party

In his Jan. 27 SDN column, editor Alex Miller mentions many reasons for a new political party because both Republicans and Democrats give only lip service to building America. (As if they are minions of a special interest group.)

While many books have been written about the possibility of such an organization (read David Iche), but instead of joining that debate, let’s instead look at what a new political party might be. I will list categories and then add ideas with a bit of discussion that may be vital about each.

Platform: (The 3 cardinal virtues.)

1. Love

2. Truth

3. Beauty

Discussion: By Love I don’t mean sex but living in the heart (where God is). In other words, not operating from the brain (the ego) or the gonads. By doing so laughter and joyfulness are paramount. (My definition of joy: the outer expression of inner love.)

Truth? How can we tell truth from falsehood? Simple, use kinesiology. (Read “Power vs. Force: by David Hawkins, MD, PhD.)

And Beauty? In our modern society we have drifted away from this important virtue. “But,” you say, “there are many definitions of beauty.” “Nonsense,” I reply. “Beauty is simply being God-like or loving because God is love. All must contribute to higher consciousness (speech, thoughts and actions).”

This all sounds “airy-fairy” so our Third Party will need a practical and feasible base. Thus the following:


1. Office holders representing our Third Party must be above 500 on Hawkins Map of Consciousness. (See his book “Power vs. Force.”)

Many in Congress and those in the administrative branch are below 200 which is the demarcation line between negative and positive, love and no love, Light and Darkness. Not one is above LQ 500. (LQ=Light Quotient. Very different from IQ.) And we wonder why they don’t care?

2. 400-499 on Dr. Hawkins logarithmic Map of Consciousness is the realm of the ego. Members too, are encouraged to be above that level.

3. In no case must anyone become a member or a representative of our Third Party who is below LQ 200.


Bucky Fuller said in 1981: “Technologically we now have four billion billionaires on board Spaceship Earth who are entirely unaware of their good fortune. Unbeknownst to them their legacy is being held in probate by general ignorance, fear, selfishness, and a myriad of paralyzing professional, licensing, zoning, building laws and the like, as bureaucratically maintained by the incumbent power structure.”

He also said that 85 percent of Americans are working needlessly.

So maybe we need a new economic system similar to but beyond Mondragon (that billion-dollar company in Spain started by a simple Catholic priest.)

Perhaps Synergistic Capitalism (originated by Stuart B. Gordon) is worth a go.

And maybe a new monetary system (New Gold) because ours could come crashing down any moment. (With $3T traded daily on the World Money Market even the Luminati can’t control that.)

If we eliminate our fatted armed forces budget, waste spent in government, medicine, law, etc. our economy will collapse in a minute. What to do? Perhaps a whole nbew design for America.


I have always suspected that “free energy” exists but it wouldn’t be available to us until we’re more enlightened (higher LQ). Because if we’d discover it today, we wouldn’t need to work so many hours to pay for heat, transportation, and high food costs. The mass of men would then spend their leisure drinking more beer, watching more football, or TV, and chasing more neighbors’ wives.

Incidentally it is rumored that the Russians (and Germans?) have discovered how to run a motor on gravity which, of course, is free. But I doubt if you’ll read about it in the media.

Foreign relations

Let’s improve our country then export the idea to Mexico, Iraq, South America, Africa, and Asia. Then we wouldn’t need a fence to keep people out or intercontinental missiles. .


1. Tax those companies that ruin our health and dumb our kids. (Hello, Micro-soft.)

2. Reduce insurance rates for those who exercise, eat a healthy diet, and have positive mental attitudes.

3. Encourage people to wake up . (Read “Light Talk for My Grand Kids.”)

The homefront

1. Frank Lloyd Wright was once asked what should be done with Chicago. His answer, “Tear it down and start over.” Most cities are designed wrong. Read “Gordonstown, A New Design for America.” It has to be updated but the idea of building a sense of community similar to my WWII fighter squadron, seems valid.

2. Certainly we need new educational, health, agricultural systems.


I like the “LQD Party.” It’s short and raises the question (and the importance) of what LQD stands for. Answer: Those with Light Quotients above 500 on Hawkins Scale. (D is Latin for 500).

Stuart ‘Boot’ Gordon, Silverthorne

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