Boot Gordon: He hears birds |

Boot Gordon: He hears birds

Boot Gordon

You know what they do with people who hear voices? Well, lock me up, I hear birds!

It started a couple of years ago (or maybe when I was Joan of Arc in a previous life. Ha!). At first I didn’t know what the sounds were, but they sounded like birds chirping. Later I got word they were earth movements. (I did predict the earthquake and 9.1 on the Richter Scale on the exact day in China or Japan that hit the latter.)

Then I was told the pitch and volume of the chirping indicated the vibration or consciousness level here on Earth.

To explain, we all consist of atoms which are tiny bit of energy which react to pleasure and pain. Higher vibes benefit us. (Aren’t we all familiar with guys who are negative with low vibes?) High vibes awaken us to our unlimited potential and enable us to create our own high vibes (Light, Love, Beauty) which enlightens others and our world.

Proof? Use kinesiology; it’s scientifically verifiable. More proof? Have you noticed that people are waking up and becoming a bit kinder and more thoughtful? Even Morgan Liddick talked about the beauty of nature in one of his latest articles. Wow!

Well, I thought I was the only one who could hear “birds chirping.” But lo and behold, one of my renters said they were so loud the other morning, they woke her up. Anyone else hear them while you’re meditating or sitting quietly? Maybe if enough do, they’ll run out of straitjackets before we change the world.

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