Boulder band plays funk, jazz, blues and rock |

Boulder band plays funk, jazz, blues and rock

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Who: Springdale Quartet When: TonightWhere: three20south, BreckenridgeWhere’d the name come from? We used to play on Springdale Lane in Boulder while we were forming and developing. Greg Russell (drummer) and Jordan Roos (bass) went to middle and high school together and also lived next door to each other on Springdale Lane, so it was only natural to host rehearsals and late night sessions in their respective garages until we were able to move into nicer accommodations. I believe it was Jordan that suggested the name “Springdale Quartet” when we needed a name for one of our first gigs, and the name stuck because of its natural, unassuming nature – it also gives a slight hint at the jazz tendencies we have.Home base: BoulderType of music: Jazz, funk, blues, rock ‘n’ roll – also known as “JunkBlock” according to Chase Terzian, the keys player. We have influences ranging from Medeski, Martin & Wood to The New Mastersounds and Phish.If your music were a tangible item, what would it be, and why? A vinyl record: The more involved and motivated you can be as a listener, the more you’ll find in the music to excite or comfort you. It’s a vintage sound, but the listening experience remains real, relevant and contemporary.Why do people love ya? People love seeing that big Hammond Organ and a spinning Leslie speaker! Plus, when they see how much fun we have putting together and playing the music, the fun becomes contagious.How do you keep it fresh? We strive to play a different set every time we take the stage; our music is malleable, and as a result the different energy we each bring to a particular set greatly affects the end result. We realize, too, that sometimes people need to hear music they recognize, so we’ll keep things interesting with some cover selections (both vocal and instrumentally arranged) of our favorite artists.What’s the craziest thing you’ve done/weirdest experience? It seems like every day is a new weird, funny experience for this group – we’ll pull one out of a hat: A few months ago, we were playing a set at a certain outdoor venue north of Fort Collins, and a gentleman who may (or may not) have been of the psychedelic persuasion decided to crash the stage late in our set. He started meditating while we played, which in itself is cool, but it got a little scary when security and the crowd got involved, and the poor guy got hauled off. The set hardly stopped, and we were told later he was fine, but it was certainly crazy, and definitely an experience to remember.