Boulder scientists named to science administration job at NASA |

Boulder scientists named to science administration job at NASA

BOULDER – A Colorado scientist was named associate administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate Monday.S. Alan Stern is currently executive director of the Space Science and Engineering Division of the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder.In his new job, Stern will direct research and scientific exploration programs for Earth studies, space weather, the solar system and the universe. He will also manage grant-based research programs and spacecraft projects to study Earth and the universe.He starts April 2, replacing Mary L. Cleave, who is retiring.A planetary scientist, Stern has published more than 175 technical papers and 40 popular articles. His research has focused the solar system’s Kuiper belt and Oort cloud, comets, satellites of the outer planets, Pluto and the search for evidence of solar systems around other stars.He has a doctorate in astrophysics and planetary science from the University of Colorado.

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