Boyd Black: Breck off track with tree ordinance |

Boyd Black: Breck off track with tree ordinance

Boyd BlackBreckenridge, CO Colorado

The majority of us who moved to Summit County did so for the ambiance of living in the mountains. I am sure that most of us were aware of health risks associated with rigorous outdoor activities, high altitude, intense solar radiation, wild animals and the danger of fire. Now the nanny state under the guise of safe living wants to remove the trees that so many of us value. Five years ago you could be fined for cutting down live trees and were required to plant trees with any building development. Now, after doing all that we can to preserve trees, we are told to remove the offending trees at our expense and dispose of them. This is just another tax that will simultaneously devalue our property. Next I suppose that the Red, White & Blue Fire Protection District will want us to rid the town of the danger posed by at least 100 tinder boxes that we used to value as historic buildings.Most of us dont want the town to interfere any more in our life preferences. I refuse to wear sunscreen or stop skiing black diamonds. I hope that the town council will deny the ridiculous request of the RWB.

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