BREAKING: Multiple gas leaks in Summit County |

BREAKING: Multiple gas leaks in Summit County

Shortly before 3 p.m. there were reports of natural gas odors at the Silverthorne Quality Inn. Management at the hotel called 911 and began evacuating staff and guests. As Lake Dillon Fire & Rescue was en route, a flash fire occurred in the mechanical room in the hotel scorching walls and bursting a few windows.

No one was injured and fire officials determined that the cause of the fire was a 2-inch gas pipe that had frozen and thawed multiple times, causing the leak. Lake Dillon firefighters are still on the scene ventilating the building. Once they have cleared the gas, staff and hotel guests will be able to return to the hotel.

While Lake Dillon officials were responding to the leak in Silverthorne, a second gas leak was reported at a single-family home in Summerwood. No injuries were reported.

Steve Lipser, the public information officer for Lake Dillon Fire & Rescue, said that the hotel did the right thing in evacuating guests after reports of gas odors. He added that people should check their pipes for damage from ice.

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