Breck "extorts’ BOLT license from Frisco photographer |

Breck "extorts’ BOLT license from Frisco photographer

Bob Winsett, Frisco business owner and business license holder

I recently received a letter from the town of Breckenridge informing me that I had to have a business license from the town in order to call on clients I have had for years whose businesses are located within the town.

This is the first time that I have ever spoken out or taken a stand against what I consider to be an unfair tax, license, etc., as in most cases, one can see the way in which tax dollars go to improving the infrastructure and services in the communities where they are justifiably taxed or licensed, live and own a business.

In the case of the town of Breckenridge charging businesses located outside of the town for the right to do business with clients or customers within their town limits, all I see is a greedy town government which is, in all likelihood, making up for its own fiscal inefficiencies by deciding to decree extortion legal for its own benefit.

What next? Will Breckenridge decide that it wants to charge us for driving through the town in order to reach other towns where we do business and are, incidentally, not charged for doing business? It’s just as logical and probably just as legal.

The fact that the appropriate ordinance that supports this license has been in place since 1986 makes it no less ludicrous nor any less of an affront to free enterprise. If small businesses like mine were required to be licensed in every town where we have a client, we would not stay in business long.

It is my opinion that this license supports a dangerous precedent for the misuse of power by governmental entities who should probably look within first for the source of a more efficient means of generating revenue.

I will soon be sending Breckenridge an invoice for what I consider to be my share of the tax revenue generated over the years that I have been in business by the use of my photos to attract visitors to the town. Heck, if extortion and blackmail are legal, we might as well use it to our advantage, right? In fact, I would be happy to prepare a list for the town of my friends who do business in Breckenridge and who do not yet have one of these licenses. Needless to day, the list will not come cheap. Or, maybe I could charge each of my friends for not turning them in to the town. Hmmm.

I have polled many friends who have businesses as well as clients both in and out of Breckenridge just to make sure I am not the only one who feels that this ordinance is unfair and unjust (regardless of whether or not it is technically legal). Each and every person I have discussed this with is just as appalled as I am that Breckenridge is trying to enforce such an ordinance. In fact, If I suddenly disappear, I hope that someone will check to see if the town has an ordinance supporting the use of hit men to silence disgruntled business owners.

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