Breck merchants deserve some leniency |

Breck merchants deserve some leniency

Jeremy Feldman, owner, Caravanserai, Breckenridge

As a Breckenridge store owner, I would like to voice my support for Holly Robb of Holly’s Pizzazz and for the rest of the town’s merchants who have voiced their disdain for the town’s regulatory code for merchant displays. I am saddened the town council has treated the merchants with a lack of warmth and understanding. I am angered that the merchants who have been struggling since September are finding such resistance from the town’s council.

I agree with Steven Lapinsohn of Main Street Outlet remark that the town has gone overboard with the fears of “what if” when Breckenridge merchants need help now. We can argue over issues like “what if there is one-upmanship?” or “what if his taste is not complementary to someone else’s” until the cows come home, but that does not take away from the most important issue. The businesses that make Breckenridge a Victorian town with character are in dire straits.

I believe the merchants in this town are responsible people, locals who love Breckenridge so much that they have invested in a business and have worked hard to become part of the future of this town. I find it hard to believe the town can’t or won’t trust them to decorate their storefronts with a little extra something to help bring in business during the few busy weeks of summer.

There is about a 10-week period during the summer that makes or breaks summer business. During such a drastic economic decline as this town has experienced as of late, is turning a blind eye and allowing the businesses in town to add a little extra to their outdoor displays such a big deal?

After reading Town Manager Tim Gagen’s remark, “If a mannequin is all that’s keeping you in business, you’ve got a bigger problem,” when referring to Holly Robb’s mannequin outside of Holly’s Pizzazz: This remark really accentuates the negative attitude the town has when dealing with this problem.

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