Breckenridge bars: Groove-infused music |

Breckenridge bars: Groove-infused music

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Who: Whiskey RoadWhen: TonightWhere: Motherloaded Tavern, BreckenridgeWhere’d the name come from? Our name came from an original song that Ken McKenzie, aka Mac, the band’s piano player, wrote back in 1995 while playing in another band back in New England.Home base: BreckenridgeType of music: We play a mix of classic, roots, rockabilly and country rock. Everything from The Allman Bros., to The Band, to Neil Young.If your music were a tangible item, what would it be and why? Champagne powder on a sunny day with no lift lines because it’s good for the soul.Why do people love ya? Because we don’t put ourselves above anybody else just because we play music.How do you keep it fresh? Everybody in the band adds their own influence and style to the music, and we stay open to each other’s opinions.What’s the craziest thing you’ve done: We haven’t had too many crazy experiences yet as a band. As for myself (Mac), it’s probably skydiving out of a hot air balloon with the other people in the basket not knowing what was about to happen!

Who: String Board TheoryWhen: 9 p.m. Saturday (free)Where: Gold Pan Saloon, BreckenridgeWhere’d the name come from? String Theory is basically the theory that alternate and parallel universes exist. So we threw board (as in a guitar neck) in there, making it “String Board Theory.” The band name basically means music from a parallel universe.Home base: Steamboat Springs. All members of SBT are originally from New England.Type of music: SBT is self described as “groove-infused-funk-dance-rock.” We are an innovative fusion of funk, electronic, rock and reggae with a heavy dance/jam vibe. SBT has been compared to Lotus, STS9, the Dead, Pink Floyd and Peter Tosh’s love child.If your music were a tangible item, what would it be, and why? A fractal. This may not seem like a tangible item, but fractals are everywhere, in plants, snowflakes, clouds, crystals and various vegetables, such as broccoli and cauliflower. A fractal is a never-ending repetitive (irregular) shape. Each part is a smaller copy of the whole. String Board Theory uses nature’s beauty and the earth’s vibrations as inspiration to write. The same creative force nature uses to bless us with beautiful natural fractals. Why do people love ya? People love SBT because they make your audio and visual senses tingle with excitement. Their groovy dance jams accompanied with the light show is truly something to see and hear. A SBT show is full of high energy and great vibes, manifesting smiles and positivity all around. How do you keep it fresh? SBT keeps it fresh by getting the beautiful crowd extremely into a melting funk psych jam, then out of nowhere breaks into a crazy dance beat, making people’s feet jump off the ground and get down! We recently acquired a new member, Andrew Edmondson, on guitar. This new fire really fills out SBT’s sound and adds a whole new level. What’s the weirdest experience? String Board Theory is always expanding consciousness through audio and visual perception, emitting this feeling and vision onto the crowd!