Breckenridge Elementary revisits school mission |

Breckenridge Elementary revisits school mission

Kathryn Corazzelli
summit daily news

The little purple school around the corner received a directional face-lift.

Breckenridge Elementary just completed a new vision for the school.

A new description phrase, thought up by students, parents, staff and community members is: “Breckenridge Elementary is a community of family and friendship, where we value respect and the love of learning.” It’s new vision statement is: “Inspire a passion for learning and challenge ourselves to be better than we think we can be.”

“It’s not just a boring school. We still have fun while we’re learning,” said fourth-grader Ivy Edberg.

Parent Tricia Hyon, who has two children at the school, praised the culture of the institution.

“Students and teachers are genuinely caught up in the excitement and momentum of learning. Our culture and our community are fundamentally shaped by this belief in helping young people become lifelong learners, thoughtful world citizens and caring people,” she said.