Breckenridge lit up for WAVE festival (photos, video) |

Breckenridge lit up for WAVE festival (photos, video)

The brand-new WAVE: Light + Water + Sound, hosted by Breckenridge Creative Arts, opened Thursday, June 2, with interactive exhibits, music and visual art. The Blue River Plaza was lit up with lights and music as children jumped from platform to platform on an exhibit called “The Pool,” by Jen Lewin out of Boulder. Adults and children alike stared at their reflections in wonder inside “Light Origami,” by KAZ Shirane from Tokyo, Japan, a dome-shaped structure made up of geometric panels where spectrums of light are projected, creating a kaleidoscopic effect.

The festival continues today and Sunday, with more performances by Frequent Flyers at 5, 7 and 9 p.m. directly in front of the Riverwalk Center. The late performance each evening will be in conjunction with a video projection.

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