Breckenridge snow sculptors rush toward finish |

Breckenridge snow sculptors rush toward finish

Jessica Smith
Team Mongolia's sculpture, entitled 'Fight,' features legendary heroes destroying a three-headed monster.
Jessica Smith / |

Throughout the week, teams of snow sculptors have been carving away at their 20-ton blocks of snow, using a variety of improvised tools to create an array of textures of intricate details. Visitors walking around the Riverwalk Center parking lot can watch the giant structures slowly take shape as horse heads, waves and abstract figures slowly emerge from the giant blocks.

“It’s amazing,” said Lynn Rainbow, visiting from Ocala, Fla.

Her husband, Bill, agreed. “I could not choose a winner here,” he said. “They’re all good.”

The sculptors seemed to be making good time, working to finish by the 10 a.m. Saturday deadline.

“It’s going well,” said Will Whitmore, of Team Great Britain, as he worked on the details of his sculpture.

From atop his ladder, Keith Martin declared that he was “working from the top down” and was excited to finish up.

The sculptures will stay around for one week after the competition for people to view and photograph.

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