Breckenridge woman plans to build local Quality of Life Center |

Breckenridge woman plans to build local Quality of Life Center

BRECKENRIDGE – Ahden Busch believes Breckenridge can expand upon existing opportunities in the community while improving the quality of life for which many people move here.

Busch, who moved to Breckenridge in October, has always strived for balance in her life and believes the environment, sustainability, health and inner peace are the cornerstones to keeping one’s life in balance.

So when she found herself skiing alone at the Gold Run Nordic Center this winter, she asked town officials what she might be able to do to increase participation there. Getting more people out skiing, she said, would get them outside to enjoy the environment, all the while improving their health and inner peace – and help keep the Nordic center self-sustaining.

“I was out there thinking it’s all about fresh air, blue skies, beautiful trees, and it popped in my mind that it’s quality of life,” she said. “That’s the business we’re really in. (Incorporating) that allows you to expand and do so many more things.”

The town of Breckenridge since has contracted with Busch to develop the Quality of Life Center to host seminars, workshops and conferences to help people get better balance in their lives and thus, improve their quality of life.

She’s hosting a focus group May 7 for people who have ideas for seminars and workshops. The event is scheduled for 6:30-8 p.m. at the Breckenridge Recreation Center. Participants will get a free one-day pass to the rec center.

Busch hopes to solicit thoughts and ideas about quality of life issues, what’s missing in Breckenridge that would improve people’s quality of life and what kinds of seminars people believe would benefit individuals and the town as a whole.

Busch defines quality of life as “a convergence of those four areas that enhances one’s total quality of life.

“We can live in a beautiful environment, but if we don’t have enough income, we aren’t standing on a strong foundation,” she said. “If we’re too materialistic, we lose that balance with nature. If we’re not healthy, but we’re living in a beautiful environment, we’re out of balance. We need to pull together all these elements to the center where the essence of quality of life occurs.”

Seminars would be held at the Gold Run Nordic Center in the winter, Busch said, and would be hosted in various other locations – including on the Internet – in the summer months. Depending on the subject, workshops and seminars might last as little as an hour or require a weekend of participation.

Seminars would focus on one of the four cornerstones. For example, environmental seminars might address eco-psychology – the belief that human health cannot be separate from the health of the whole – contemplative mountaineering or wilderness therapy.

In the category of sustainability, seminars might address finding one’s brilliant work, managing work and play or excelling in a slow economy. Health topics could include music as a sacred language and healer, the art and ritual of Chinese tea, yoga retreats and guides to living. Inner peace topics might include drumming or the art and spirit of brush painting.

“It’s just endless,” Busch said. “It helps people focus, ask themselves what they can do to enhance their quality of life. Everything we’d want to do would go in those four categories.”

Busch feels the center’s mission fits with the town’s vision plan, much of which outlines ways to improve citizens’ quality of life.

Once Busch has expanded into the local community, she hopes to take it to the Front Range, then the nation.

“We want to take the name of Breckenridge into the larger community,” she said. “And the long, long-term vision, people might think about quality of life and think, “Oh, we’ve heard Breckenridge does lots of things about quality of life; let’s go there.'”

Quality of Life Center Discussion

What: Focus group to discuss ideas for a Quality of Life Center

Where: Breckenridge Recreation Center

When: 6:30-8 p.m. May 7

Info: (970) 453-1734

Other: Participants will get a free, one-day pass to the rec center

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