Brian Blanche: It’s all the Dems’ fault |

Brian Blanche: It’s all the Dems’ fault

Brian Blanche

No columnist writing today makes his points more clearly or accurately than Hoover Institute fellow Thomas Sowell. In some ways his clarity reminds me of the simple common sense we once heard from Ronald Reagan. In a recent column, Sowell discusses the president’s misdirected use of the phrase “the failed economic policies of the past,” making it clear that those polices were crafted and built upon, not by President Bush or Republicans, but Democrats who have been in control of Congress (where all spending bills originate) since 2006, the point at which a good economy began to tumble. Sowell’s article uses fact to place the blame for the economic mess we are in where it belongs, on Democrat legislators directed by the current Democrat administration. For obvious reasons Democrats and the left-leaning media, which is responsible for most of what we read in print and see on TV, cannot accuse Thomas Sowell of being a racist for opposing this president (Sowell is black) but also refuses to follow his lead by being honest about the origin of “the failed economic policies of the past.” Why focus on fact? Allowing the president to get away with using this line over and over without challenge would not fit the media’s agenda.

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