Brian Edney: Does the Summit Chamber really support free enterprise? |

Brian Edney: Does the Summit Chamber really support free enterprise?

Brian Edney

Last Monday I noticed an advertisement in the Summit Daily promoting the Summit Chamber’s mission and listing the board members, diplomats and general membership. Part of the Chamber’s mission, as noted in the advertisement, is to “…preserve, promote, and protect the free enterprise system…” After reading this I couldn’t help but reflect upon the recent appearance of two Chamber board members and one chamber diplomat at the Silverthorne Lowe’s hearing. It was suggested by one Chamber board member that the citizens of Silverthorne should be asked to vote on this private property matter. That’s an interesting take on free enterprise. These Chamber members are obviously entitled to share their personal opinions, and they did not purport to speak on behalf of the Chamber on this issue. However, with the very strong opinions they have voiced repeatedly on this issue, I simply have to wonder if they can set aside their biases when operating in their Chamber leadership capacities, where they are each tasked with preserving, promoting, and protecting, the free enterprise system and , by definition, open competition.

I certainly hope that protectionism isn’t creeping into the Chamber’s mission. We already have one local business organization that has taken an anti-free enterprise protectionism stance; I think it’s in the interest of all of our local businesses that the Chamber continue to support free enterprise. Subsequently, at least one of the Chamber board members, its president, has resigned to avoid “even the appearance of such a conflict” of interest.

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