Brian Hanly: Will miss Rich Mayfield’s column |

Brian Hanly: Will miss Rich Mayfield’s column

Brian Hanly, professor emeritus
University of Wyoming Department of Music

As a part-time resident of Summit County, I have particularly enjoyed Saturday’s Summit Daily News. After a quick glance at the front-page headlines, my usual reading procedure is to temporarily skip a few pages to find Rich Mayfield’s column. Alas, this past Saturday’s headline was “So long, Rich.” Now let me be clear: Although I often agree with Rich’s comments, there are times when I strongly disagree with what he has to say, but wouldn’t I find his column less interesting if I agreed with him all or most of the time? Furthermore, even when I do disagree with him, I find his comments helpfully challenging to my own thinking.

Occasionally I even agreed with some of the letters to the editor criticizing Rich’s position on this or that issue, but what I have never understood is the nastiness and mean-spiritedness of some of Rich’s detractors.

Mayfield is an intelligent, thoughtful, and articulate writer with a genuine and strongly compassionate sense of concern for the less fortunate of our society. He possesses a delightful but penetrating sense of humor that is sometimes tinged with a tongue-in-cheek but wonderfully refreshing sense of almost boyish mischief. In my opinion, these creative and entertaining qualities in the hands of a gifted writer such as Rich Mayfield make for “darn good reading!” Thanks, Rich!

My hope is that after granting a mini-sabbatical, the SDN can persuade Rich to continue his column.

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