Brian L. Wray: ‘Me First’ attitude on Tenderfoot |

Brian L. Wray: ‘Me First’ attitude on Tenderfoot

Brian L. Wray
Silverthorne, CO Colorado

After reading Ms Houdek and Mr. Weinstein letters to the editor (Feb. 4), you would think that they are the only ones that live and recreate in Summit County. There are so many different means of enjoying our National Forest ” who are they to say what is acceptable or not for someone else?

They seem to have a “Me First” attitude: Since they enjoy Tenderfoot area in one way, that it is wrong if someone else enjoys it in another fashion.

They should have voiced their concerns when the master plan for this area was formulated, and was set aside for motorized and other uses by the planning commission and approved by the board of county commissioners. There is plenty of room for everyone to enjoy themselves here in Summit County in a respectful and responsible manner.

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