Brian L. Wray: Misinformation on Tenderfoot |

Brian L. Wray: Misinformation on Tenderfoot

Brian L. Wray
Silverthorne, CO Colorado

Mr. Weinstein, for you to insinuate that The Ten Mile Planning Commission made up of your neighbors and the good people of the U.S. Forest Service did anything behind closed doors is absurd! (Letters, Feb. 12.) As a commissioner myself, I know how the process works. There are notices that go out to everyone in that basin for input on issues; nothing is done behind closed doors.

Mr. Weinstein you are very misinformed on all of this. The new trail system will be done through a government grant that is available for this purpose. It has been designed and modified with the help of Summit County Off-Road Riders, the U.S. Forest Service and public input. Your concerns are unwarranted. The trails were moved back and design changed in response to public input. As for trash? We live here and respect this land ” again you come up with absurd assumptions and label people out of your own bias. As for fire safety, the increased access and the chance for thinning of the beetle killed trees during trail development could only help in this area rather than the other way around.

The Forest Service is responsible for managing the many different uses of public land ” one being for motorized recreation, which is what this area was set aside for in the Forest Service Master Plan.

What destruction are you talking about? This will be an organized trail system, just like any other in the county. However, it will be open for motorized use.

In Monday’s SDN, Dillon District ranger Jan Cutts explained this issue very well. Hopefully you read her excellent article and leaned something so we can all work together and help her find a happy medium.

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