Bringing the community together |

Bringing the community together

Lucy and Randy GloverFrisco

Bernie Zurbriggen said in the Dec. 15 SDN “We need to answer the question of, ‘What would bring the community back together?'” Later in the article he says “This was a campaign of emotion versus presentation … I think we do a fairly good job of communicating, but there is a big difference between education and understanding.”So long as our mayor and some council members feel that those who voted against Home Depot don’t understand, there will be no bringing together of the community.The Town Council is the entity that needs to understand that they’re dealing with educated and intelligent people who do know and understand the town’s financial situation and what they want for their town. The people against Home Depot were not ignoring the financial issues. They were trying to say “Let’s not rush into anything without carefully analyzing the situation.”They were not comfortable with the town’s planning process. Different articles in the SDN reported that town studies showed revenue and cost lines crossing in 2011, 2014, 2016 and 2020. Even without constant modifications, there are any number of reasons to question the town’s use of straight line regression analysis. But let’s go ahead and use the town’s current logic to see where we’re headed. If the town’s “financial train wreck” lines intersect some eight years out, based on 20 years of history, it is obvious that our 28-year surplus should be able to carry the town for at least another 20 years. How much will the 9.4 acres the be worth in 20 years? We realize this argument is as ludicrous as the town’s, but clearly it is apparent that the sky is not falling. The Town Council was repeatedly asked to study the issues and consider alternatives benefiting the community in the long run, before plunging headlong into just any scheme that promised a short term fast buck. The “No” vote has now provided us the time to address this situation and find a solution that truly benefits the town.Home Depot proponents have asked just how Frisco can do better. The answer is local business. It has been shown over and over again that the most sustainable economy, one that keeps the most dollars in the community, is based on local business ownership and involvement. Next year when we start planning again, we need a town council that will do a comprehensive analysis that considers town character, pollution, traffic and our existing economy, in addition to financial information. The town council must listen to and work with the community throughout the process to bring our town back together. Then Frisco will do better.

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