Bristlecone Health Services partners with St. Anthony Summit Medical Center to offer home care |

Bristlecone Health Services partners with St. Anthony Summit Medical Center to offer home care

Kelsey Fowler

A clean bill of health usually means the end of a hospital stay, but for Summit County residents who might need more care, a solution closer to home is now more readily available from one local hospital.

Bristlecone Health Services offers home health care for those in need in Summit County. A professional team of nurses, therapists, social workers and aids provide patient care in-home. Bristlecone is now aligned with St. Anthony Summit Medical Center, though their services are still available independently as well.

In-home care can range from helping patients regain health and wellness after an illness or operation, to services for the elderly like hospice care.

The Bristlecone budget now goes through the hospital — so the organization is able to access support, resources, and better coordinate programs and care, said Mary Henrikson, St. Anthony Summit Medical Center vice president of patient services and chief operating officer.

Within the last year, home-care agencies became decentralized to focus on individual regions, for better partnerships between the agencies and hospitals to provide home care, Henrikson said.

“Health care for our community extends beyond the hospital and into the home,” she said. “Aligning with each other to provide home care helps keep that continuum of care once a patient leaves the hospital.”

Sandra Willis, Bristlecone Health Services site manager, said in a prepared statement the closer coordination will benefit the community.

“With our focus on the patient and a closer alignment [we] can only enhance the quality experience our home care patients already receive,” she said.

The hospital never had a partnership in place before with an in-home service, though they did refer patients who needed home health care to Bristlecone. This new alignment, Henrikson said, will greatly benefit patients who need medical care in their own homes after a visit to the hospital.

“We’re little but we’re mighty,” she said. “Whatever services we provide here, we provide them as well as any large medical center, any home care agency.”

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