Brown: Humanizing Romney |

Brown: Humanizing Romney

Richard Brown
Frisco and Louisville, Ky.

It appeared by word and by deed that the main objective of the Republican National Conference was to show the human or real side of Mitt Romney and I believe they succeeded in accomplishing this. They showed, through films and his personal reflections, that he was a dedicated family man, loved his wife, boys, grandchildren, mother, father, etc. and was also extremely dedicated and involved in his church – especially proselytizing through his early missionary days in France, his position as a minister and his many millions given to his Mormon church. It does give some further concern to the future of our Constitutional right of separation of church and state.

Romney’s acceptance speech did also reveal other attributes that were less comforting to possible voters. There was his almost nauseating, consistent use of the term “deserve.” Americans deserve …, you deserve …, we deserve…, most relating to individual wealth, our strength and domination in the world – the deserving of rights that have not been earned by deed and action within our local, national and international communities. This along with the constant shouts of “USA, USA” by the delegates, displayed a disturbing exhibition of Nationalism – not Patriotism.

This was further substantiated by his desired increase in our “defense” budget and his warmongering rhetoric, when he rebuked Putin in threatening another cold-war with Russia, warned Iran that we would militarily assist Israel in their possible confrontation, and even made references to replacing the current government in Cuba – just when President Obama is finally restoring our rightful place in the international community. This along with his avowed dislike of regulations, unerring support of greedy institutions and corporations, reduced taxes benefiting mainly the wealthy, cutting back social programs, and ignoring the poor and needy should remind you of a very recent disastrous Republican administration.

His only references to our environmental problems were his disdain for “global climate change,” when he joked about the “rising oceans” and his exclusion of renewable and alternative energies from his Energy Policy, which according to him should only include oil, coal and natural gas.

Of course, he did not even attempt to clarify his income taxes and why he refuses to release them, or his massively large 401k. He even said in a recent interview that he wanted to assure the American people that he gained no tax advantage at all in his various offshore accounts in Swiss banks, Cayman Islands, etc. Give me a break!

I won’t even attempt to get into the many outright lies – as substantiated by numerous independent fact checking organizations – made by both Romney and Ryan in their addresses. Can you believe it – now they are the “defenders” of Medicare – not Obama? One of Romney’s advisors even made the ridiculous statement that they didn’t want their endeavors to be restricted by actual facts.

And Clint Eastwood? Need I say more? What an embarrassing and disgusting segment!

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