Bruce Trigg: Obama needs a little time |

Bruce Trigg: Obama needs a little time

Bruce Trigg
Frisco, CO Colorado

Note to conservatives, Guy Pacot, et al:

Although the tech market (Nasdaq) crashed in the spring of 2000, in the fall of that year when President Clinton’s administration was preparing to leave office, the country was in pretty good shape. The budget was on its way to being balanced.

In November of 2000, George Bush was not elected president, and since then things have gone haywire. The country became embroiled in a war that was unwarranted and quite possibly illegal. Despite Mr. Bush’s claim of “Mission accomplished” a few months later, our country’s armed forces are still in Iraq. Defendants have been held in Cuba for years without any charges being filed against them. Military prisons have tortured and tormented their prisoners in inhumane and disgraceful ways. The economy has spiraled downward for more then a year now, the Constitution has been decimated, people were appointed/nominated for positions they were by no means qualified for, and a FEMA head who stumbled and bumbled while one of our countries great cities drowned, only to have Mr. Bush stand behind him. Mr. Obama is not the first to have his problems, nor will he be the last. He deserves a little more time to prove himself.

Nobody, save God himself, could clean up the mess that this country is in in a mere three weeks. And for sure, nobody will be able to clean up this country as long as it is divided within itself.

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