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Bucks’ East Coast ambition meets West allure

Allison Sherry
The Denver Post

Ken Buck and son Cody, now at the U.S. Army academy atÊWest Point, after a successful bird hunt. (Courtesy of the Ken Buck Campaign, Special to the Denver Post)

Ken Buck has constantly struggled between what he loves and what he wants to be.

To anyone who has spent any time with Buck, it’s obvious what he likes: Dirty cowboy boots. The great outdoors. Being out on a ranch. Fishing. Coaching football. Independence.

But the GOP Senate candidate’s driving ambition to be successful, to work on important projects and to embed himself with people who could help him down the road has often been at odds with that lifestyle.

He arrived in Colorado to work at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in 1990 – the last move in a string of zigzags between the Rockies and the East Coast that has defined the GOP Republican Senate candidate’s life since he was 12 years old.

Buck’s father

worked as general counsel for Westinghouse in Manhattan and, straight out of the show “Mad Men,” Buck attended public school in Ossining, N.Y., in the 1960s.

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But, since he was a boy, Buck says, he has felt a Western tug, to “the wide open space where it was quiet and you could go shoot a gun when you wanted to shoot a gun and ride a horse when you wanted to ride a horse.”

He doesn’t like to say he was “raised” in New York, though he was born there to two lawyers.

From age 12, Buck spent his summers working on his aunt and uncle’s ranch in La Grange, Wyo., helping with the cattle and corn and potato harvest.

He headed to Princeton University at 18.

“It’s interesting you say being born and raised in New York,” he said, talking about his background. “During the school year I was raised there, but during the summer, if there was raising, I was raised here (in Wyoming.)”

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