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Buer: Scout Murphy an inspiration to us all

Stacie Buer

The tragic events of late in Connecticut have cut us all to the heart. Knowing what to do or how to respond is sometimes hard. We all want to do something to make things just a little bit better for those affected but don’t always know what to do. But for a fourth-grade girl at Upper Blue Elementary, she took her need to do something to heart. Scout Murphy decided that she wanted to make a difference. She decided that she wanted to donate books to the survivors of Sandy Hook Elementary so that they would know that someone across the country cared for them and their situation. Scout packed up a box of books, which weighed a whopping 37 pounds and put her compassion in action! Scout didn’t want help from any adult with this project. She choose the books and she insisted that she be the one to use her own money to pay for the shipping, turning down those adults that offered to assist with the shipping cost, which was close to $20.

Scout Murphy, you are an inspiration to us all. Thanks for having such a big heart. I know those children in Newtown, Conn., will appreciate your gift and may even inspire others into such action. You make me proud!

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