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Bu$h world – yet another round of blunders

Bu$h, as predicted, lost another round to introduce discrimination to the Constitution. Though the SDN cartoon on June 7 was right on the money, it is still amazing to me how the would be “owners” of the constitution and all things good can still try to use this document to deny protections to a group of people. I disagree with the assumption all men are created equal – they are not. But the constitution makes all men equal under the law, and in no way mentions discrimination. Neo-cons just need someone to hate, a scapegoat. The so called leader of the conservative movement, R. Viguere, today called Bu$h a liar and a traitor, but in the same breath called homosexuality an agenda against the American family … huh? The gays I know have equality as their only agenda and protection as we all supposedly have under the constitution. I can’t find a definition in any dictionary that equates marriage with sanctity; the definition is a union usually made out of love to act in legal matters jointly. I mean you can get married at a drive through window in Vegas, this is sanctity? Perhaps the church losing out on a 25 grand wedding is the loss of sanctity. Oh well. The neo-cons will try it again trying to unite their base with hate, the thing they do best.Is this garbage what our men and women are dying for in Iraq and what we are paying taxes for? I think not.

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