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Burning of Peak 1 flag fails as a thoughtful protest of the war

The recent burning of the flag on top of Peak 1 is very unfortunate for a number of reasons.

The burning of this particular flag does not promote thoughtful, respectful conversation about the supposed issue but instead provokes a very emotional response, as we have seen in this paper.

The supposed issue has gotten completely lost in the process. A good act of protest seeks to provoke thoughtful discussion, not merely inflame emotions.

The burning of this flag in particular can be seen as a violation of freedom of speech.

It is very important at this time in our history to be open and respectful of our fellow citizens, considering the fact that people such as John Ashcroft would like nothing more than to curtail those freedoms with a new, revised version of the Patriot Act.

About a month ago, I went to trial for an anti-war protest that happened last March and was found not guilty. Our attorney proved to the jury that it is not against the law to voice dissent against the current government.

If that right is going to be granted to someone like me, it needs to be granted to all or else democracy is bogus.

The act of burning a flag is very profound. Usually, people burn flags as an expression of extreme anger or extreme grief and therefore should not be done lightly. While I do agree with the message the protesters were trying to get across, I also think it could have been done in a different way. True peace takes time, patience and strength.

To the protesters: In the future, please use your energy and passion in more creative and thought-provoking ways and remember that emotions such as joy and goodwill are more effective than anger. After all, isn’t that what peace and justice are all about?

Sue Carr-Novotny


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