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Bush ignored good advice

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Bush will soon announce his new plan to kill off more of our children. This new farce called “surge and accelerate” will call for further American “sacrifice”.How dare this meglomaniac, self-delusional, egotistical liar continue with more of the same. This flies in the face of 88 percent of the American people, the Baker commission, Lawrence Korb (former Reagan asst Defense Secretary), and according to Novak, 37 of 49 republican senators who have said to be distressed and confused about this move.Also according to a recent poll, a majority of the troops on the ground now consider this war a lost cause, not to mention a myriad of others republican and democrat who advised him against this foray including his father ,and a dissing by former President Ford.Instead against all sound advice, Bush follows his utopian self-delusion of attempting to bring our type of democracy to a country so fractured by religious beliefs that they have been killing each other for centuries.Yes, another 20,000 troops with targets on their backs acting as referees in this civll war. Sacrifice, yeah sacrifice. Well Bush, put those two daughters of yours on the front lines, along with the kids of those who support your idiocy.We can only hope Pelosi’s Democrats have the guts to stand up to this affront as they said they would; however, I doubt they will, and our children will continue to die for the Bush lie and ego. No wonder our forces are beginning to crack.

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