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Bush mars American history with big lies

Martin HertzbergCopper Mountain

So, Ron Reed (SDN, July 6) feels that we Summit County Democrats “marred” the Fourth of July parade in Frisco.I marched with the Democrats in that parade proudly displaying the banner “Dissent is Democratic,” quoting Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence whose adoption in 1776 we celebrate on the Fourth of July.I was next to my wife, who displayed the button “Bush lied, people died.”Mr. Bush, having failed miserably to protect us against the 9/11 terrorist attack, proceeded to lie to the nation and the world about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and its ties to al-Qaida, in order to justify his imperialist war of aggression against that country.He used the same “big-lie” techniques to get elected in 2004. He lied, and tens of thousands of innocent people have died as a result, as we continue to occupy that nation against the will of its people, in a continuing quagmire of violence. Like Nixon before him, Bush is a disgrace to everything this nation stands for. Mr. Reed seems to have forgotten what Independence Day is all about.The quintessence of dissent is revolution, and it is our successful revolution against the imperialist king of England that we celebrate on July 4.If Mr. Reed doesn’t like such dissent, I suggest he join the descendants of those American Tories who opposed our revolution, cooperated with the occupying British Army and their Hessian mercenaries, and then returned to England to grovel at the feet of the king when we won our independence.So here is something positive to mull over. There is a simple test of who is right or wrong in an armed conflict.If your army is fighting on your land in order to defend it, you are right.If your army is fighting on someone else’s land, you’re probably wrong. The major exception in World War II was when we were on someone else’s land to remove a different foreign army: the Germans in occupied Europe and the Japanese in occupied Asia. Afghanistan is also an exception since its government sheltered the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11. Iraq had nothing to do with that attack, and the Bush administration continues to lie about that fact even today as its policies lead to more death and destruction.

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