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Bush needs to look at his priorities

Timothy SmithBreckenridge

I’m very confused. President Bush has been traveling around the country telling people we need a Constitutional Amendment to make gay marrage illegal. And if we don’t get this Amendment, it will tear the fabric of America. The President apparently feels this is the most important issue facing our country. What about:• Almost 2500 Americans KIA in the Iraq war;• 17,000 maimed and wounded Americans in the Iraq war;• 100,000 or more Iraqy killed in the war;• We’re threatening Iran with nuclear war;• The national deficit is almost a trillion dollars;• The national trade deficit is around $50 billion;• 45 million Americans are without health care;• We’re spending around 10 billion dollars a month on the Iraq war effort;• We own China and Saudi Arabia and several other countries hundreds of billions of dollars for the Iraq war that my and your unborn grandchildren will have to repay;• Oh, and last but not least, gas is $3-plus a gallon around the country.My numbers may not be 100 percent right, but for all pracitial purposes, this is the state our country is in today. The way I see it, these are the issues that are tearing the fabric of America! Maybe President Bush is right: Any minute now, a gay married illegal alien couple will break down my door, steal my shotgun and burn the American flag in my front yard. Like I stated before, I’m very confused!

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