Business owner discouraged by roadside vendors |

Business owner discouraged by roadside vendors

Steve Butts, High Country Designs - Frisco

As a business owner in Summit County, I am discouraged to see more and more vendors showing up and selling their wares on the sides of roads or in parking lots.

This is in direct competition with business owners who pay rent and taxes and follow the codes of our community.

If I put something on the sidewalk in front of my store, the police will tell me to take it inside. I am not against sanctioned events such as craft fairs but feel that vendors on the side of the road take away from the atmosphere of our community – not to mention revenue from our reserves.

In these lean times, I do not feel it is appropriate for people from outside our community to set up mobile vending locations and take business from our business owners.

These outside vendors take from our community and give nothing back. If this continues, there will be more empty store fronts and more trailers parked on the side of the road. Is that what we want?

Some might say, “It’s a free world,” and to that, I say, not entirely. We have rules in America with which all must abide, such as town codes and tax laws.

If it wasn’t necessary to have a retail location to make sales, then I wouldn’t have one. This should concern all business owners and town officials in charge of revenue building.

If this concerns you, as it does me, then voice your opinion at your local town council or county commissioners meeting.

If not, then we can all look forward to buying our skis, snowboards, shoes, bicycles, mountaineering gear, furniture and anything else sold in a retail location from some guy in a truck whom you can’t find when his products injure your family or burn down your house.

At the same time, you can say goodbye to the friendly store owner who supports this community by changing your dollars into purchases made within this community.

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