Bizline: A sweet spot in Breck |

Bizline: A sweet spot in Breck

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A: We operate a one-stop destination sweet shop on Main Street in Breckenridge where you can fulfill all your cravings. We offer 12 varieties of finely decorated cupcakes, which are baked daily on our premises. We also provide take-out boxes for a single cupcake up to a dozen. The boxes are a great gift as an alternative to flowers or a wonderful desert to bring for that special dinner party. We offer the best coffee and espresso drinks, smoothies, incredible creamy ice cream, 72 self-serve candy bins, homemade chocolate/caramel dipped apples, delicious chocolate chip cookies and cookie sandwiches baked daily in our store.

A: We are from the Jersey Shore. We set out on an adventure to discover where we may want to live after selling our house in NJ. We packed up the car and headed West. We knew Breckenridge would be our first stop because we wanted to get the last weekend of skiing in last April. We drove 36 hours straight so we could make it on time. We loved the skiing and the town. One week turned into two, then three, then we said to each other, “it looks like we’ve found the place where we want to live.” Then we said we’d better start thinking of what we’re going to do to support us. We walked the streets, talked to other business owners for three months and finally decided to open a cupcake store. Since there wasn’t one in Breckenridge yet, that’s what we decided on. Four months later, we opened our doors!

A: I’ve (Staci) owned several businesses in the past, a cookie bouquet store, a coffee shop and some others. This is a culmination of everything. Also, I’m a self-taught baker. Just someone who always loved baking with my Mom. The one thing that was the hardest was teaching myself high altitude baking. To bake at 0 degrees elevation is one thing, however, to bake at 9,600 feet was a learning experience.

A We feel we’re very different because we’re the only cupcake shop in Summit County. Yes, there are bakeries, however, we hand-decorate 12 varieties of cupcakes daily. Six of the varieties change daily which comes to almost 25 different varieties. It takes all morning to do this and every cupcake looks different! We do not use any preservatives! We crack our eggs daily and use butter and milk! We also use the finest cocoa and vanilla. We pride ourselves on customer service too! We know that you are why we are here and we thank you for that! We also feel that our shop is fun and upbeat. We come from the Jersey Shore where the boardwalk is as fun as it gets. We have murals that are painted on the walls, fun mirrors for the kids to look at themselves in and sweets, sweets and more sweets to indulge in.

A: We want to reach every age group! Who doesn’t like a cupcake? Who doesn’t have fond memories of eating cake, ice cream, candy, milkshakes and hot chocolate? We know a majority of our customers will be visitors, however, we want to make locals know that we are here for their gift-giving needs and cravings too!

A: We chose this location because it has great foot traffic and is right on Main Street. We are located next to the Joy of Sox which has been there for 20 years!

A: We want to first get the word out that this is Breckenridge’s newest one-stop destination sweet shop. We’d also like be a place where our local community can count on for fund raisers and community events. In addition, we have a website on its way and we look forward to many, many years of making people smile when they take that first bite of our delicious cupcakes! Who knows where our next shop may open???

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