Bizline: Better visualization using 3D rendering |

Bizline: Better visualization using 3D rendering

Q: What type of business do you operate – what do you sell, or what service do you provide?

A: 9100 Visual Solutions provides 3D renderings and illustrations which benefit a variety of businesses, individuals and government agencies who all share the need for visual representation of their product. We specialize in converting traditional two dimensional drawings into realistic, scaled, virtual models. Our services include photorealistic renderings, 3D floor plans, as well as animated walk through and fly-bys.

9100 Visual Solutions newest service is a powerful marketing and sales tool that places a 3D representation of an existing structure on Google Earth. This valuable tool enhances your digital maps for websites and global exposure along with enhancing the visual experience for future visitors, home buyers, and our local population by allowing them to virtually tour our great towns, businesses, recreational activities and restaurants with a click of a mouse. For examples of our work and services, please refer to our website (

Q: What makes your company unique?

A: Everyone understands a picture. 3-D illustration answers questions that arise during the planning process whether it is a widget, a house, or a commercial property. Having a clear understanding of a project is essential in creating a masterpiece within budget and not wasting time or resources. 9100 Visual Solutions provides a unique opportunity for designers, their clients, and investors to visualize their dreams and “Live in it before you build it.” We value communication and maintain a high quality standard that creates a personalized solution for every unique project. Since most of our services are in a digital format, we are a local company that has a global reach.

Q: Where are you from and what is your experience in this field?

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A: While Dwight grew up in Colorado and Jo-Anne is originally from Connecticut, we have been members of the Summit County community since 1990. Dwight has extensive experience in the commercial painting and construction industries. In 2002, he went back to school for computer aided drafting, specializing in 3D illustration. He continues to take courses which enable him to stay apprised of future developments in this industry. Jo-Anne has held a number of positions in the beverage, hospitality, and municipal industries which has gained her a strong marketing and sales background, complementing our team approach to the business. We are members of the American Society of Architectural Illustrators and an Associate Member of the Summit Association of Realtors. We are also active volunteers with Summit School District, READ Therapy, and multiple community events.

Q: What are your plans for your company’s future?

A: 3-D is fast becoming an intricate part of our daily lives. And why not, we live in a 3-D world. Creating the ability to visualize your world as you already live in it is how our company sees its future. 9100 Visual Solutions will be a part of how you see your world, your vacations, and retail marketing. We see our services expanding into how you design, decorate, or sell a house, product, or city. We plan to continue to educate and promote the benefits of 3-D illustration and how it can support the sustainable growth of every industry.