Data suggests low snow didn’t hurt Colorado resorts’ bookings in November |

Data suggests low snow didn’t hurt Colorado resorts’ bookings in November

Snowfall hasn’t been quite as forthcoming in many Western mountain destinations this winter as many people would like, but as of Nov. 30, the resorts haven’t seen too negative of impact on the number of people booking rooms, according to a market-research firm that tracks that information.

Based on data recently released by Inntopia through its monthly DestiMetrics Market Briefing, occupancy was up 7.1 percent and revenues were up 11.4 percent in November compared to the same month last year.

Inntopia is a Denver-based market-research company that collects lodging information in resort communities across multiple Western states and reports back on the industry as a whole.

Looking forward, occupancy for the winter season from November through April is already up 2.8 percent with increases in five of the six months, according to Inntopia. Still, its far too early to say that will continue throughout the season.

“Considering that last month’s data showed a year-over-year decline in occupancy compared to the previous year, the booking trends through Nov. 30 are definitely good news,” said Tom Foley, vice president of Business Intelligence for Inntopia, in a prepared statement.

“However, the key to a successful season depends largely on how December fares,” he warned. “If the snowfall fails to materialize, we can expect a reversal of (November’s) gains.”

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