Find recycled furniture in Summit County |

Find recycled furniture in Summit County

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Summit Daily/Mark FoxKen Orlin, owner of A Furniture Find in Dillon, moves around some quality used furniture in his store Thursday afternoon.

DILLON ” When local Ken Orlin was asked to dump furniture at the landfill two years ago, he instead found it a home.

“I thought: ‘Why am I throwing perfectly good furniture?’ So, I put an ad in Summit Daily News and sold it,” Orlin said. “It snowballed from there.”

Soon after his first rescue mission, he began advertising to pick up unwanted furniture and sold it part-time. By June 2008, he opened a shop ” A Furniture Find ” and now provides Summit County residents with a viable option to keep clean, usable furniture out of the garbage.

From an environmental and economic standpoint, it makes sense to sell discarded furniture instead of adding to a landfill, he added. And it’s working as a small business.

According to Orlin, Summit County’s high percentage of second homes being sold fully furnished, seasonal workers and the cost of storage space all contribute to an abundance of wasted home furnishings.

“My store and storage (are) overwhelmed by the volume of furniture that comes in from my free pick-up service,” Orlin said. “Literally tons of usable furniture still ends up at the landfill.”

The shop carries a mix of items for both the home and office, though it’s “not the stuff that’s being accepted by consignment stores generally.” The furniture is predominantly older ” retro and contemporary ” and it’s often items that are discarded after remodels. Most large pieces sell from $40 to $180 and delivery options are offered.

Summit County has two furniture consignment stores that specialize in upscale used furniture ” Treasures Quality Consignments in Silverthorne and Alpine Accents in Frisco.

A Furniture Find lists inventory at For more information, call (970) 409-9310. The shop is located at Dillon Town Center and hours are Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 5 p.m.

Caitlin Row can be reached at (970) 668-4633 or at

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