Former Summit County sheriff candidate opens bike business, might run again |

Former Summit County sheriff candidate opens bike business, might run again

Tina (left) and Derek Woodman (right) recently opened Endurance Cycling Lab. They offer spin classes using the Wahoo Kickr system which gives attendees a more personalized workout.
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In the hopes of turning a hobby into a business, former Summit County Sheriff candidate Derek Woodman and his wife, Tina, recently opened Endurance Cycling Lab.

Endurance Cycling Lab officially got the wheels turning five weeks ago, and is located in the La Riva del Lago Shoppes in Dillon. The Woodmans have a large open space with a section in the front set aside for classes. Their red and black bike chain logo is an immediate eye-catcher on the soft yellow walls. On the right-hand side, the wall is lined with customers’ bikes that are stored there in between classes.

Classes are strictly B.Y.OB., bring your own bike. Derek and Tina use the Wahoo Kickr system at Endurance Cycling Labs instead of the typical spin class set up. The Kickr attaches where the back wheel of the bike would normally go. The special system uses smart technology and computer-based programs to help give users a workout that’s personalized for them. It also controls the gears so that bikers stay at the right pace for the workout. Stats are emailed to customers, tracking cadence, RPM, functional threshold power and more, depending on what kind of sensors the bikers have.

“You’re just riding to your ability,” Tina said. “In a regular spin class, you’re not on your bike, so the bikes are uncomfortable. It’s not set up for you, so you’re prone to injury. … And you can cheat. In here, you have your own bike, it’s set up just for you and you can’t cheat.”

To get started, Derek said that people interested in the class need to take a test to measure their ability. The Woodmans use the data from the test to tailor a program for each participant to maximize the workout benefit.

“I think what you have to convey to some people is that this is work,” Derek said. “This is not out for a Sunday cruise. I mean, you sweat, you sweat a lot, you consume, you’re burning a lot of calories, and it is a tremendous amount of effort.”

Currently, the Woodmans are recommending a six-week training program. Customers can decide between doing three classes a week for $130, or two classes a week for $90. Endurance Cycling Lab offers two classes Monday through Thursday and one on Friday.

The Woodmans are both bike enthusiasts, a passion they passed on to their 6-year-old grandson who has three different bikes, including a fat bike. Both Tina and Derek had been taking a similar class out at Breck Cycling Lab for several years. They began to think about opening their own business when they saw the potential for clients living on the other side of Summit that didn’t want to make the trip to Breckenridge. Derek said they have been thinking of opening a spin lab for over a year.

“Honestly it started out as kind of a hobby, and a way to supplement our hobby, and yeah, it’s a big career shift,” Derek said.

Before switching career paths, Derek spent the last several months running for sheriff after John Minor stepped down from the position. Derek was nominated as the Republican candidate, but county commissioners selected Jaime FitzSimons as the interim sheriff. This led to an abrupt halt to Derek’s career of 35 years as a law officer, as FitzSimons fired him after assuming the role of sheriff.

It was a close election, but FitzSimons ultimately beat Derek by a couple hundred votes.

Tina was also going through a transition from her job as the chief deputy at the Office of the Clerk and Recorder in Summit County. Derek still plans on running for sheriff again at the end of FitzSimons’s term. He added that the way classes are scheduled would allow him to do both jobs.

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