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Local offers pre-built green homes

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Special to the DailyA pre-built solar home recently put up in Alma.

SILVERTHORNE ” In an age where earth-friendly building practices are both desired and expensive, Paul Camillo is introducing an affordable option ” pre-built, green homes ” to Summit County.

“The lowest-costing ones (homes) available are $250,000 including the foundation,” Camillo said. ” … It’s more than just solar. Everything in it is low maintenance. … If you can lower your energy bills by $100 to $150 a month, it’s a new way of being efficient, saving energy and being good to the environment.”

Camillo, of Anthony Ryan Associates, LLC, is based in Silverthorne and represents Solar Village Homes and All American Homes ” builders that produce pre-designed, pre-built and custom homes nationally ” in Summit and Park counties.

Anthony Ryan Associates started out as a custom-home company, and over the last three years Camillo moved into turn-key, pre-built homes.

These “turn-key” homes come with energy-efficient systems built into the houses, Camillo said.

“The houses that we’re offering now are affordable,” he added. “It’s 25-30 percent less to build a pre-made, energy-efficient home” ” in comparison to working with an architect and building a home from the ground up.

The pre-made green homes use high-efficiency insulation, windows, a heating system, solar hot water and power, Camillo said. Solar-powered curtains are used to keep heat in the house. The paint and products inside have no odors, and the carpet is hypoallergenic. Masonry heaters are add-ons. They can be built in if requested.

“We offer 12 different models,” Camillo said. “They take into account the way the sun rises over the house, tree placement and the environment.”

From planning to building, a green-built home can be up within three to four months, he said.

A Solar Village green-built solar home was recently built in Alma. Another green home is scheduled to be built outside of Silverthorne in springtime.

“It’s a quick turn around,” Camillo said. “It’s efficient. It’s probably the way of the future.”

For more information about Anthony Ryan Associates, visit http://www.anthonyryanllc.com. To learn more about Solar Village Homes, visit http://www.solarvillagehomes.com. 

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