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But the Republicans booed

Vanessa S. WhiteSummit Cove

I’ve just read Mark Ryan’s July 11 letter about how he was “appalled” by the Democrats timing and use of free speech in the Frisco Fourth of July Parade.He apparently believes that the children in the crowd could have in some way been harmed by signs such as “Defoliate the Bushes” and a picture of President Bush with a line going across it. Actually, this only means: “no George W. Bush.” The red circle with the line going slanted across from the upper left to the lower right has become over the years a well known symbol meaning “no,” As in the “No Smoking” sign. I fail to see how these signs have “appalled” Mr. Ryan. Not only were the signs mildly stating opinions against our president, but the timing and exhibitions of the Democrats was neither “poor” nor “classless.”Mr. Ryan asked for someone to explain to three children why they saw pickets against our president. Well, it occurred on a holiday where people remember their freedom – their religious and political freedom; and it is an election year. Mr. Ryan might simply tell the kids that the Democrats don’t want President Bush to be elected for president again.And if the kids ask, “why?” I hope that he would strive to give them an unbiased picture of why not everybody likes the president’s policies. I hope Mr. Ryan hasn’t accidentally made President Bush a little too huge. While President Bush is a national icon, he isn’t our God. Let’s not be too admiring of his power and position, his money or fame. I might be inclined to explain to the children how sometimes people, without even realizing it, give themselves or others (powerful figures or sporting or musical heroes), even their own families, a little too much importance. I don’t believe the Democrats’ straightforward statements were harmful for youngsters. However, my children and many others were standing next to a group who “booed” the Democratic party very loudly. My kids witnessed firsthand these adults making a serious mistake. It gave me a perfect opportunity to explain, again, to my kids that boo-ing is rude and unacceptable behavior. I may have mentioned that these people were probably Republicans that had let their emotions get the better of them. I teach my kids that it is usually not a good idea to act on emotions.Rather, it is best to do the right thing, regardless of the way it makes one feel. Since my kids are involved in various sporting events (where I’ve taught them to cheer, not sneer), I hope they weren’t very influenced by these grown men’s surprising behavior. My hat’s off to the organizers of the parade. It has really grown, yet the little town appeal hasn’t faltered. My thanks goes to the town of Frisco. Vanessa S. WhiteSummit Cove

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