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But where are the records proving Bush was on duty

Rick Geise, in his Sept. 21 letter, condemns CBS for using fraudulent documents in attacking President Bush’s military record during the Vietnam War.Of course, neither Mr. Bush nor the Bush campaign have deigned to disclose records affirming Mr. Bush’s whereabouts during those years. Stonewalling this information conforms to the pattern of initially opposing the 9/11 Commission, withholding information on the secret Energy Task Force and spurning advice from senior military leaders who foresaw the Iraqi quagmire.Since every military pilot in those days was required to keep a log of flights as well as all ground activities, Mr. Bush certainly has that log. If not, he has the authority to release microfilm copies of his records, so far unavailable because of his embargo. Several contemporary witnesses, including the personal secretary of the officer described as the author of the memos, have indicated that the documents might have been false (in fact the originals were probably clandestinely and illegally destroyed by Mr. Bush’s friends in Texas, according to one eyewitness), but the content of them is accurate. Those who are concerned with form not substance in this matter are trying to derail serious inquiry.Mr. Geise does not apply his standards to the infamous forged alleged Nigerian memo regarding Iraq’s intended acquisition of yellow-cake uranium. The consequence of that phony document is 1,037 dead American troops, more than 7,000 severely wounded American servicemen and women, an estimated 12,000 dead and 100,000 wounded Iraqi women, children and other innocents, and counting.Nor does he reference the trumped-up weapons of mass destruction fantasies, the concocted fables about Iraqi-Al Qaida connections, the phony resume of the indicted criminal Ahmed Chalabi and the White House’s self-serving decision to forego at least three opportunities to eliminate Abu Musad al-Zarqawi who is the major terrorist and beheader in Iraq.

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