Callison: Excellent health care up in Summit County |

Callison: Excellent health care up in Summit County

Jim Callison and Tamara McClelland,

We bought a home here in 2010 and have enjoyed your beautiful summers and winters. Last week, we had our first medical emergency here. Unsure where to go, we walked into High Country Healthcare in Silverthorne without an appointment; and after a brief wait, saw Dr. Larry George. He and the staff treated us with appropriate concern and consideration, and did necessary tests in a professional manner to ascertain the seriousness of our problem.

Since pain was worsening and Dr. George thought there was a chance it could be caused by an embolism or blood clot (either of which could have been fatal), he referred us to the E.R. at St. Anthony Summit Medical Center in Frisco. Everyone there, from the admissions staff to the nurses (Heather is the only name we can remember, unfortunately) to Dr. Robert Schmidt, recognized the potential seriousness of the situation, promptly treated the pain with IV, provided oxygen, and conducted needed tests (blood/urine, EKG, CT scan) to ensure the situation was not life-threatening. All were compassionate and competent and provided excellent service. Luckily, the pain was caused by a muscle pull/spasm and nothing more serious.

Because health care in America has been passionately debated in recent years, we thought we’d offer a comment. Some have loudly proclaimed that we have “the best health care system in the world.” Having spent time in many other countries, including Canada and Great Britain, we’re not sure that’s always true (at least not for every American, everywhere in our country, as many of us would like to see). But it’s reassuring to know we do have excellent health care available here in Summit County.

We wanted to thank Drs. George and Schmidt, Heather, and their staffs for their caring, competent service in our time of need.