Campion: Appalled by jail food |

Campion: Appalled by jail food

Mark Campion, Dillon

This country of ours is so screwed up. There are people on the streets who aren’t criminals, but can’t find a decent meal. Why is that?

Gotta love feeding the inmates a 4-star menu in order to keep them fattened up so that they don’t fight and create violent situations in jail! Jail is supposed to sort you out, not fatten you up! If someone gets out of line in jail, you send them to the warden and he kicks your ass a little, then puts that same ass to work. I don’t get how rewarding prisoners with three banquets a day is a good use of my tax funds. Fill me up some potholes with dirt and go pick up some garbage. Do a good job and you should get you a banana. Baked ziti? You are killing me.

Mark Campion, Dillon

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