Campion: Vail Resorts and the sheriff |

Campion: Vail Resorts and the sheriff

Mark Campion

Oh great, now we got bi-time ski lawyers teaching the sheriff how to write rebuttals. Here’s a rebuttal for your rebuttal.

Please compose your letters without the aid of a lawyer. Vail has a big stake in this story. Why else would they send you a nod? I am gonna skip my morning meds and stir the pot the other way.

Vail needs to write the check for creating (or trying to cover up) where they left an open door. Money is power, and Vail has it. Accident investigators have the Denver Post stirring the pot, so let the industry leaders simmer the soup. Why do you need to be involved with this whole fiasco, sheriff? Your job description says little or nothing about letters to the editor … especially when coached by an attorney. Something stinks, and it isn’t the sheriff’s writing. It’s the motives for the suggestion he does so in the first place.

Most of what Sheriff Minor previously wrote was favorable and put our ski patrols in good and much-deserved light. They have all been through rigorous accident investigation training (from expert lawyers), and the series in the Post is a search for a loophole that can be used as a noose. Throw in a big-time attorney’s six cents on “what to say” for a rebuttal and now you’ve given the Post more fodder.

Attorney Peter should draw you up an apology to our sheriff for suggesting the letter in the first place. Peter’s suggestion that you use some of his words in your drawn letter are a perfect example of the dodginess that goes on in the never-ending battle to sway public opinion. It happens in the election with the press, and now it is happening in our sheriffs’ offices. Have it proofread and send it through his media-distribution list. We need more paperwork! Let’s just sit back and watch what happens. A young kid died, the family seeks a settlement, the Denver Post seeks a story and Vail wants a fight. Almost as good as the Kardashians, friend.

Investigative reporters who lock onto a hunk of meat like this one are bloody dangerous and crafty. You and the law team there at that resort have just given this story a steroid.

Trying to drag the greater statewide ski patrol into this story is a stretch and will no doubt have the consequences of more continuing ed and amendments that will be needed to be written by lawyers. Do the math. The system is now running itself, and we can no longer be responsible for our own actions on the hill.

Keep our streets safe, sheriff, the patrols will take care of the hills, and all the big-time lawyers and story scavengers can have the dregs to themselves.

Mark Campion, Snowmass

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