Can’t the Summit Daily News do better? |

Can’t the Summit Daily News do better?

Chuck AbramsSilverthorne

Rich Mayfield no longer resides in Summit County, yet we are still subjected to his left-wing apologist point of view every week. His latest column from the country of Nepal compares the Bush administration with the Harding administration of the early 20th century for corruptness, and then goes on to applaud Jimmy Carter’s mediation skills to broker a deal that might lead to a more democratic government in Nepal.Now most of us, including Rich, were not around during the Harding administration, so we have to rely on the historians; however, I have a good recollection of the Carter administration, which left us with 20-plus percent interest rates, an economy in recession, and U.S. citizens held as hostages in Iran. Jimmy Carter is a good man, very naive, and would not be my first choice as a mediator based on his past record. Rich goes on to say that our constitutional and democratic rights have been coerced by the current administration, without giving any specifics, as usual. I don’t recall any of my rights being violated over the past eight years. As far as “influence abroad,” I am not interested if countries “like us.” What I do want is their respect. While given grudgingly by the countries envious of our democracy and prosperity, our real allies are the ones who understand the present day realities. This was not true of the Clinton administration, and certainly not in the Islamic world. To compare the corruptness of the current Nepal government, which executes its dissenters, with the Bush administration is absurd.My suggestion is to let Rich enjoy his retirement in California, and find a “real local,” whatever their political persuasion, to do a weekly article.

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