Capozzella: Gun violence reality |

Capozzella: Gun violence reality

Vincent Capozzella, Breckenridge

The Senate blocked the recent attempt by 90 percent of the American people to mandate gun laws with a background check before buying a weapon. Do our senators and representatives represent us or the NRA? Yet, there are arguments for both sides of this issue, though I strongly doubt our federal politicians will ever pass strong gun laws.

Do legitimate hunters require assault weapons and extended clips? As a lifetime hunter I still cannot figure out what animals they are hunting with a 50-round clip in an assault weapon. Perhaps these weapons and clips designed to kill human beings are needed to defend one’s home against attacks by three or more people. Of course, any knowledgeable gun person knows that a small handgun or shotgun is a far better home defense weapon.

However, I do agree that an assault weapon with a 100-round clip is far better against 10 or more attackers or zombies. The right-wing defenders of the 2nd Amendment also argue that assault weapons are needed to protect themselves against our government, especially a government led by a minority president. If our government does something to which they object, they will then use the weapons against our military and law enforcement personnel.

Has the United States really gotten to the point that a minority of citizens feel justified in killing the people who defend our liberty so they can pretend to be patriots? They argue for the right to sell a weapon to whoever wants one. Is that logical?

Recently, after the state of Colorado passed gun laws, a number of county sheriffs went on record saying they would not enforce the new laws. Frankly I have serious issues with the county’s top lawperson refusing to enforce laws that they swore to uphold.

Why then do their constituents obey laws when they refuse to obey laws, and why would the voters re-elect a sheriff who has stated his or her contempt for the law?

See what happens when you carry your handgun and assault weapon with a large clip in your hands when you visit a police department.

Vincent Capozzella, Breckenridge

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