Capozzella: Republican response needed |

Capozzella: Republican response needed

Vincent CapozzellaBreckenridge

As an independent registered voter and former five-term Republican mayor from conservative upstate N.Y., I need a different Republican to answer each issue, which I find strange and challenging.1. President Obama’s birth – Was he born in the U.S? There are birth records and even a birth announcement in Hawaii. I find it fascinating that his mother had the vision to plant this dis-information over 50 years ago to allow her son to become president.2. President Obama’s religion – He claims to be a Christian, attends Christian churches, and even had a Christian pastor who proved to be an embarrassment. Yet how about his middle name – Hussein. Perhaps people with unusual and foreign middle names are dangerous. Avoid: Ali, Hussein, Adolph, (typhoid) Mary, Jeffrey (Donner), Benito, Vladimir, Joseph (Stalin & Smith), and all Asiatic and Hispanic names. Does Obama’s middle name prove his religious preference?3. Creation of man and earth – The Bible supports the belief that man and earth were created a few thousand years ago. I don’t understand the fossil evidence about prehistoric man and life and these carbon dated tests. Are all the scientists lying?4. Global warming – It seems to a layperson that the earth is warming especially with the reduction of the glaciers in Greenland, the Antarctic, and Glacier National Park. I remember when it would have been a joke to suggest the North Pole would be ice-free. Are the scientists and weather experts lying?5. WMD’s – No one will ever admit to finding or seeing WMD’s. Most Republicans believe in them and I wonder which Bush official hid them. Perhaps it was then Sen. Obama and his Moslem friends. Weren’t there any Republican soldiers present when they were discovered? 6. Rape and pregnancy – I didn’t realize that a woman couldn’t become pregnant if raped, until many of the Republican leaders disclosed this fact. Wow! Women have been hiding this fact from men. It has taken white, middle-aged, brilliant Republican politicians to expose this female conspiracy. Thank you Mr. Aikins and Mr. Ryan.Truthfully, I would be embarrassed to be a Republican today. Is it possible the party of Lincoln, Grant, Teddy Roosevelt and Reagan has become this strange? I have beliefs that many people would not accept which are associated with my Catholic upbringing. Yet I haven’t attempted to jam these beliefs down people’s throats because I believe non-Catholics are wrong. My suggestion is that the far right Tea Party advocates form a separate party under the leadership of Palin, Ryan, etc. This happened once before when the Know-Nothing Party was formed. They, like the present Tea Party, rejected logic and science although we all know what became of the intellectually challenged Know-Nothings. I for one would be happy to donate money to help them set up this party although they have many, many millionaires who at least support the notion of reducing taxes for the rich even at the expense of science and our planet.