Capozzella: Revisiting taxes on the rich |

Capozzella: Revisiting taxes on the rich

Vincent Capozzella, Breckenridge

I have been very passionate attacking the Republican vision for America’s future and find Republican acquaintances avoiding discussing issues with me. Perhaps it is my insistence that they have the courage to stand on a soapbox and tell the public why they are against the poor and their children having the same health care they enjoy. I ask them to defend why they seem so anti-immigrant, anti- minority, anti-women rights, anti-global warming and anti-science. They resent being asked to defend positions which show their true beliefs. The one issue they seem comfortable defending is not taxing the rich (often themselves) one cent more to pay down the debt. The problem with their argument is that I, unlike many Americans, have an excellent memory and expect politicians to tell some truth and keep their word. For example, although I have always been against the Iraq War, I recall the reason for attacking Iraq and then I recall the changes for this attack. First, it was WMDs. When they were not found, it was to eliminate Al Quida although this terrorist group was not in Iraq when we attacked. Then it was to bring democracy to these “democracy starved” people. Then it was to protect the American people from something in Iraq. Have you noticed the Republicans make a big (and important complaint) issue about the national debt and insist on identifying revenue before spending money? My complaint and memory know that Congress and President Bush fought two wars without any thought to paying for them. Those people who forget this fact also believe Obama created the entire national debt.

They defend not raising taxes because the rich are the people who create jobs through the “trickle down theory.” I clearly recall this theory when I first heard George H. W. Bush attack Ronald Regan during their primary fight in 1980. Since this introduction of a policy to favor the rich with lucrative tax incentives and the removal of corporate restrictions, we have had 20 years of Republican presidents. Let’s be totally honest. This theory has done nothing more than to make the rich even richer, the middle class poorer, and finally a serious recession. Now don’t even suggest our recession was created by President Obama because your memory can’t recall facts over a year old. The Republicans persist in their defense of tax breaks for the wealthy by suggesting the money they save with lower taxes will be spent to create jobs and will not be placed in their bank accounts or in bonds and stocks with large dividends.

My attack and proof is to study the past. Look at the last four years. The rich had the tax breaks and failed to create any jobs. They argue the rich oppose Obama and have been waiting for the administration and Congress to settle the tax issue before they commit their money. Waiting four years! If we are generous and assume they are being honest, then we should look at President George W. Bush’s term of eight years where we lost millions of jobs while the rich had the same great tax breaks. Do you notice that Republicans have amnesia about this period or perhaps we can find a way to blame Obama? It is difficult to accept the argument that making the rich even richer is going to benefit the other classes in the U.S. when history shows this position has absolutely on merit. Come on Republicans! Stand on that soapbox and defend your beliefs with facts that are true and not based on amnesia.

Vincent Capozzella, Breckenridge

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