Capozzella: The future with Romney |

Capozzella: The future with Romney

Vincent Capozzella

Let’s look at what candidate Romney wants for our country’s future. Obviously the big issue is tax breaks. The rich and corporations will be given very big tax breaks with the hope these groups will pass their money down to the rest of us by creating jobs. As a young person I recall many, many textile and merchandise companies. First they went south because of people willing to work for less and then overseas for people willing to work for less. By giving them more money Romney believes they will create jobs like the good old days by convincing Americans to live like Chinese peasants.

The Republicans have passed a platform to outlaw abortion regardless of circumstances including (forcible, legitimate, or whatever) rape, incest and a woman’s life. A Romney victory will probably lead to the overturning of Roe v. Wade and the criminalization of abortion. Women will no longer have choice or birth control options which should lead to more women and doctors in our prisons.

The reinstitution of “don’t ask, don’t tell” or rejection of gays in our military. Enough of the gays destroying the fighting ability of our military. It will also allow guys to be able to take showers without being constantly molested because they are so attractive to gays. Romney opposes ending the war in Afghanistan until we have defeated the Taliban (or whoever is fighting) and the destruction of Syria, Iran, North Korea, and Russia. No, not China since most of our corporations are in China.

The elderly wouldn’t have to worry about those death panels which have led to the deaths of millions and millions of the elderly. Romney will do away with Medicare and will give the elderly a voucher with a limited amount to obtain their own health insurance. Of course with the elimination of Obamacare, insurance companies can again reject clients and raise rates to some for pre-existing conditions. Most elderly don’t have pre-existing conditions and can afford a few thousand more dollars.

Education will be improved by private schools for our best students whose fathers and grand-fathers were successful students. Drug laws and penalties will become harsher. Voting will be restricted to those who can show they don’t look, talk or behave like foreigners. Food stamps, unemployment insurance and Pell grants will be available to those who are willing to work and don’t need it.

Social Security will be changed and then eliminated. I don’t have to worry since I’m over 55, but those under 55 will have to save big time for their retirement to offset this loss. Gay marriage will be outlawed and perhaps return to the criminalization of this activity. Poor VP Cheney’s daughter, Condolezza Rice and Ted Haggar but, perhaps religious indoctrination camps can be created to help them become straight.

Romney and Ryan will lead us to a new, pure, Christian United States that perhaps will lead to a cleansing of our citizens. In the mean time Romney could self-deport the Hispanics to Mexico until they are needed for fighting wars and picking cotton and fruit.

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