Cardwell: ‘No wonder Congress has a 10 percent approval’ |

Cardwell: ‘No wonder Congress has a 10 percent approval’

Bob Cardwell,

Being a fiscal conservative, I probably should not have attended Congressman Polis’s get-together on Thursday night, but I have attended other addresses by him, and found he had his own mind and ideas and did not always speak the party line. He opened by stating the things he is working on, the deficit and education reform. He stated Congress has probably three deficit choices. Extend the status quo after the election for three months and let the new Congress and president decide what to do, do nothing and fall off the fiscal cliff, or make bad choices and become Greece in 12 years. The small audience was then asked to tell him what was on their mind. Money in politics, the expanding differences between the haves and have nots, limiting motorcycle paths in our forests, effects of immigration policies on SSA payments, assault weapon policies, will doctors continue to take Medicare patients, Medicare fraud, why doesn’t congress work together, and several other topics were brought up and discussed. All of the issues, I’m sure, were very important to the individual. I brought up the fact that the U.S. has added $11 trillion in debt over the past 11.5 years, during which the Republicans had total control of the government for 2 years and the likewise the Democrats for 2 years. Neither party addressed the revenue and spending issues necessary to reduce our debt. I stated I felt all of us, rich, retired, middle class, lower class, and the young need to give up something to fix the problem. His answer was he felt that we could solve the problem with a small tax increase on the rich, a little defense cut and leave the middle class tax cut (Bush) alone. It was hard for me to believe no one in the room challenged him. The magnitude of the problem is so much worse than the average person realizes and when congressmen make such statements, it is very disheartening. Even the so-called drastic cuts proposed by Congressman Ryan doesn’t balance the budget for 40 years. The president’s current balanced approach doesn’t ever balance the budget. As far as I can see, we already have fallen off the fiscal cliff several years ago and all the issues brought up above are immaterial in the long run if nothing can be funded adequately. Even in our great economy, no amount of GDP growth or tax increases can make up a trillion dollars. All of us are going to sacrifice to reduce our spending ways. I am waiting for the politician to say it out loud and the average citizen to believe it. Lastly, I asked Congressman Polis if he saw an excellent Juan Williams (ex-NPR reporter) TV presentation on the use of technology in schools. With his emphasis on education, I thought he would have. Nope. No wonder Congress has a 10 percent approval. It’s great that the men and women of Congress share their time with us and ask us for our opinions, but it’s unacceptable for them to lack the knowledge of facts so that they can lead us. The fault lies with the U.S. citizen for not taking the time to understand the issues, prioritizing them and voting for knowledgeable representation.

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